The House is on the Market

Finally, the house is on the market and we are ready to go – at least mentally!


In making the decision to leave I had many moments of self-doubt when I would find myself sobbing my heart out in the car wondering what the hell I was doing uprooting the kids from their safe, routine lives for a year of uncertainty.  Whilst these moments were awful, I needed to have them so that I could process the decision in my own time.

I had read on other RTW blogs that telling people about your plans makes everything come alive – believe me this is so true.  We started off by telling family, not everyone was supportive – more reason for self-doubt.  It wasn’t until we started telling our friends about our plans that we started getting positive reactions and words of encouragement. Telling the school was another thing on my to-do list and was slightly nerve wracking since back in England even taking the kids out of school for a fortnight in Spain can result in court action! I shouldn’t have worried – all the boys teachers were totally supportive and seemed genuinely excited about our plans.

So now our beautiful home is ‘For Sale’, we just need a buyer…………..

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New Year and a decision is made!

I saw a quote the other day and it rand so true and it was so relevant to our life situation that I want to share:

“We have to do it.  To not do so would be a dream unfulfilled”.

Travelling with the kids has been a topic of conversation in our house since they were tiny and I cannot see it disappearing even if we decided to abandon our dream for the time being.

I set about writing a list of all my worries regarding going.  In doing so I realised that many of my worries were in regards to coming back at the end of my trip.  My husband pointed out that we would be very different people at the end of our journey and so maybe just to go with the flow will be the best thing we can do. Other worries on the list were selling the house, which we designed and had built to our personal taste but again we hold the plans and so it is something that we could definitely get back one day.

The boys aren’t convinced that going is the best idea as they love their school and will miss their friends, the X-box and unlimited wifi! In this situation I am applying the “Mother knows best” philosophy as I know that they will love the whole adventure.

So I have subscribed to and for the next 30 days will get a job to do each day.  The first one was to tell someone.  I chose a fellow student on my Social Work degree and was delighted in her optimism and praise for chasing my dreams.

Now to get the house ready for sale…………….

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About 80% sure that we are going to do it.

OK so I think I am almost there with deciding to go.  I made a list of reasons to go and reasons to stay and realised that whilst all of the reasons to go were lifestyle choices, the reasons to stay were around the house and other peoples opinions.  The next logical step would be to put the house on the market so we are getting it ready to sell, will take some photos and then will list on TradeMe.

I read an article yesterday that really rang true and struck a chord with me, read it here

Two of the kids are excited to go but Thomas, our middle son wants to stay with his friends and school so we have been trying to tempt him with pictures of waterparks and beaches!

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Why can’t we be happy with what we have?????


So we are a family of 5 who live in the most amazing community in the world.   Our children go to school down the road and are doing well, we have a beautiful home that we designed and a garden planted with trees and plants that we chose, we have a dog, a cat, 10 chickens and 2 ducks.  This is the kind of life that once upon a time I could only have dreamed about yet there is something missing.

When the boys were babies I can remember standing by the window, trying to rock them back to sleep and promising them that one day I would show them the world.  As time has gone by we have all got caught in the daily routines of life and that promise has been forced to the back of my mind – but it has always been there simmering away.

We have started to realise that there will never be a better time for long term travel than now.  Our eldest son, Max is 10 and only has one more year at primary school before he goes to intermediate, I am at the end of my third year of a social work degree and we are lucky enough have plenty of equity in our house to be able to afford some time out.

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